About This Site

Hello! And thank you for stopping by.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Shelly Willoughby. I am a semi-retired single mom, small business owner, and freelance writer. Yes, I wear many hats!

After traveling to seven countries between 2015-2017, my son and I decided we would start sharing our sometimes serendipitous adventures outside of our personal Facebook profiles. My son (Alex) just so happens to be a really good photographer. So the deal is: I write, he shoots the pics.

This site will feature articles that I have written for other publications (online and print). As well as photos/videos from our travels and my personal blog posts in between. Primary focus here is travel and food, but this is my personal site so there will be some clips here related to other topics that are close to my heart (such as autism awareness).

I offer writing/editing services to those who need it. As well as phone consultations. You can find a list of services and pricing here.

We are also building a page to showcase my son’s photos and will enable ordering hi-res digital copies and prints. – Coming soon!